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Twin Flame Channel Writing

Twin Souls/Twin Flames: According To The Hermetic Teachings in Relation To Present Times. Automatic writing channeling spirit.

Our souls are rhythms of waveforms that exists in cycles upon cycles of high and low, in an out. There is no starting point in time like in Darwin’s theory, which his theory keeps us bound to the physical plane and looking at our existence on a timeline from a starting point moving forward, however, every soul exists at zero point.

We are seeing the ending and beginning of a cycle now, which we’ve seen among other periods where great civilizations during the height of consciousness fell or descended to a civilization that lost its humanity: a time where more souls existed who had forgotten their divinity than the souls that did not, such as right now. Thus, a battle begins to expand the consciousness on the planet, and souls are split off into two before returning here, but rejoin later on earth in order to bring forth the divine knowledge together.

Venus starts her transit and gives birth to a new cycle on the Sun (Sun of God), and the battle to expand consciousness rapidly takes way. This has been symbolically depicted as Isis giving birth to Horus, the Virgin Mary giving birth to baby Jesus, etc..

Venus transited and began a new cycle in 2014; it is no coincidence at the same time the Schumann Resonance Scale began showing drastic changes in the earth’s frequency at which it peaks, from 7.82 to 25 hz, and as of this last year we started reaching peaks at 65 hz.

So we are in this battle now on earth. The Mayan’s were correct but the timing in the calendar was off, however, they did emphasize the exact timing would be unknown.

This is why we are feeling streams of new energies, even if it’s on an unconscious level you are feeling them, and Mother Earth has been firing her grids in order to prepare for this rapid change in consciousness. The battle ended when the Sun claimed Horus as the victor, which is symbolic of the new light of Orion being transmuted to Isis’s new Sun, Horus, or Mary’s son, baby Jesus.

It’s important to note that Jesus Christ exists in many layers, and it’s his LIGHT that returns to the divine male, the twin soul, because it’s Christ’s light that illuminates the divine male: the arch of the covenant.

The divine female twin soul is the embodiment of the moon and is represented by Isis. She is more connected to the ethereal. She is the holy grail and receives her messages directly from God. All scripture is telling the same story. It is the divine female and divine male which must bring forth the divine knowledge together as this knowledge originates in the ethereal realm of the divine.

Please be conscious of the fact that I’m not saying this is destined as absolute truth. It’s just what resonates with myself on a soul level.

If you’d like a Twin Flame Reading, send me a message or book a private reading with me..Mahalo. 🌸

Twin Flames and their purpose here on earth

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