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XL Red Cap Amethyst from Thunder Bay Ontario

XL Red Cap Amethyst from Thunder Bay Ontario

This is a large and beautiful red cap amethyst from the famous locality of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. “Thunder Bay Red Cap Amethyst”. Just small pieces of red cap amethyst from this locality is known to range in the hundreds of dollars. This is an extremely great deal on such a large piece, with beautiful visual interest from every angle. Has a unique “sugar” texture. The red color is due to the inclusion of red hematite. Excellent cabinet piece!

Measurements: 2 lb. & 8 oz. 7”L x 4”W x 3”H.

Locality: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Metaphysical uses: amethyst is used for depression and anxiety by slowing down a racing mind and balancing the crown chakra. Hematite is grounding.

Chakra: Crown, Heart, Root.

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