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Red and Gold Healer Quartz Cluster

Red and Gold Healer Quartz Cluster

This is such a cool piece of red and golden healer Quartz with tons of inclusions and phantoms. Great structural integrity. Beautiful quality. You will get lost looking at this piece while discovering all of its visually interesting elements. Beautiful from every viewpoint! This one is one of our faves right now.

Measurements: 3 lb. 3.2oz. 5”W x 6”L x 3.5”H.

Locality: Madagascar.

Metaphysical uses: Quartz cleanses and balances all of the chakras. Combines the balancing and amplifying properties of Quartz with the grounding properties of hematite. Enables us to connect with the light that shines brightly from within, erasing doubt and anxiety in the process.

Chakra: All.

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