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Aquamarine w/ Muscovite

Aquamarine w/ Muscovite

Beautiful collector piece of Aquamarine w/ Muscovite on a cut and polished base. Some of the most beautiful aquamarines in the world come from the Nagar Valley in Skardu, Pakistan. They are lighter in color and with a flat pinacoid top. Muscovite is a beautiful layered mica. Aquamarine is in the beryl group and is one of the only 16 Isotropic gemstones on the planet which means when viewed under pure light or a cross-polarized filter, it appears as every color of the rainbow.

Measurements: 5.3 oz. 2.5”L x 1.75”H x 2”W.

Locality: Skardu, Pakistan.

Metaphysical uses: Aquamarine is known by ancient Greeks as “the crystal of the waters”, worn by sailors as a talisman for protection from drowning and from pirates. It’s an extremely high-vibration gemstone. It represents happiness, hope, and everlasting youth. Helps connects you to spirit and is associated with your higher-voice.

Chakras: throat.

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